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Located along the Schuylkill River and just 15 miles from Philadelphia, Norristown, Pennsylvania, has a lot to offer its residents. With a rich industrial history, Norristown has continually adapted to changing times in order to remain a flourishing municipality. Home to many young professionals and families, our town offers its residents and visitors beautiful parks, outstanding economic opportunities, and wonderful schools. Whether you live or work here, you are sure to thrive.

Owning property in Norristown, whether residential or commercial, provides stability but also requires a lot of work. Maintaining your home or business can sometimes feel like a full-time job, especially when issues arise. If pests have gotten onto your property, you need pest control in Norristown that addresses the problem and protects your property from future problems. Terra Pest Management Specialists offers the services you need to keep your Norristown property pest-free.

Residential Pest Control In Norristown

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Finding pests in your house is never a fun discovery. From a wayward spider to a family of rodents, they do not belong in your home. Pests can lead to illnesses for your family, damage to your house, and a sense of unease whenever you’re home. No one wants to share their house with pests, and no one should have to.

Home pest control in Norristown is available from Terra Pest Management Specialists. Our year-round services are available to take care of active pest infestations and to protect your house from pests that might try to get inside in the future. We use a six-step pest control process to provide you with the thorough, effective pest control you deserve. These steps are:

  1. Inspection/Baiting

  2. De-Webbing

  3. Dusting Cracks and Crevices

  4. Spraying

  5. Granulating

  6. Interior Service

You won’t find better residential pest control from any other company.

Commercial Pest Control In Norristown

You put a lot of effort into making sure your Norristown business is a success. It takes time, effort, money, and sometimes a lot of frustration, but it’s all worth it to see your dream become a reality. To keep your business running, you have to make sure you avoid common pitfalls. One problem that can be devastating for any business is a pest infestation. When pests get into a commercial facility, they can cause a lot of damage physically, financially, and reputationally. 

Your best course of action to protect your business right from the start is to get commercial pest control in Norristown before pests get inside. However, even if you’ve discovered that pests are already present, it’s not too late to do something about them. Terra provides the effective commercial pest management services you need to get rid of pests and protect your property from future threats.

How To Reduce Wasps And Other Stinging Insects In Norristown

Finding wasps or other stinging insects on your property is not unusual, but it is unwelcome. Stinging insects are dangerous to the people who come into contact with them, so you don’t want to have to deal with them every time you step outside. In order to reduce the number of wasps and stinging insects on your Norristown property, try the following tips:

  • Make sure outdoor garbage bins have tightly-fitting lids and keep them stored away from your house.

  • Cover food while eating outside, and make sure to fully clean up after you’re done.

  • Plant flowers and other attractants a safe distance away from the areas you spend time.

Even if you enact practices to try to avoid a wasp problem, it’s still possible that stinging insects will build nests on your property. For safe and effective wasp removal, contact Terra Pest Management Specialists. We provide eco-friendly services to protect your family from wasps and other stinging insects.

Assessing Your Risk For Cockroaches In Norristown

Some of the worst pests to end up with in your Norristown home are cockroaches. These insects reproduce rapidly, are difficult to eliminate, and are known to be extremely dangerous to the health of anyone in an infested home. Because they spend time in unsavory locations, such as in sink drains and garbage, cockroaches pick up a lot of germs that they then transfer to the surfaces where they walk. 

Knowing how dangerous a cockroach infestation is can help you decide that it is important to make sure these pests don’t end up in your home. Assessing your risk for cockroaches starts by taking an honest look around your home and determining if it might attract these dangerous insects. Here’s what to look for:

  • Messy kitchen counters and sinks. Cockroaches will be attracted to a home with plenty of food choices. They aren’t picky, so crumbs and dirty dishes will appeal to them.

  • Humid areas. Cockroaches tend to spend their time in areas with a lot of moisture. If you have rooms that are humid or fixtures that leak, you might attract unwanted cockroaches.

  • Unattended trash. If you let your garbage pile up before taking it out, cockroaches will take notice.

  • Entry points into your house. Cockroaches aren’t large pests, so tiny cracks and crevices can allow them access to the interior of your house.

By taking steps to make sure your home is clean, remains low in humidity, and is well-sealed, you can help prevent a cockroach infestation. If cockroaches have already gotten inside, you need cockroach control in Norristown immediately. Contact Terra Pest Management Specialists for safe and effective cockroach control.

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