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Professional Pest Control In Horsham, PA

The township of Horsham might not cover much ground but it’s got a thriving population that attracts more people every day. Residents of the area enjoy its bike paths, reputable public schools, neighborhood businesses, and exceptional quality of life. Horsham also has the benefit of being located in very close proximity to Philadelphia and Wilmington, so it serves as a commuter town. But even life in this small community isn’t without its pest problems, whether that entails mosquitoes, voles, or general invaders. 

At Terra, we take great pride in the professional pest control in Horsham, PA, that we provide. Exceptional customer care and quality service have been our top priority since our establishment in 2003. We are also a fully licensed and insured company that strives to create long-term relief. Our treatments are pet- and family-friendly and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To request your free, no-obligation estimate, please call us today.  

Residential Pest Control In Horsham, PA

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Pest problems are a routine part of life in Horsham, but with help from Terra, you can always be protected from them. Our family-owned company has been providing the very best in residential pest control services since 2003. We are fully insured and licensed, guarantee our services 100%, and all of our treatments are safe for the entire household. 

In order to keep your home pest-free, we follow a comprehensive six-step plan that begins with a detailed inspection. Next, we remove all cobwebs and dust cracks and crevices. We also spray a protective barrier around the exterior of your home, apply a natural granular bait, and provide a complete interior treatment. The maintenance schedule we recommend will be based on your goals, which may mean quarterly or bi-monthly visits or a one-time service if you desire it. We also offer services for rodents, termites, and voles. For more information on residential pest control services in Horsham, call us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Horsham, PA

Maintaining a pest-free property is crucial for the success of your Horsham business, but it can be challenging nonetheless. At Terra, we have been servicing the area’s stores, offices, apartment complexes, and more since 2003. We are a team of highly trained pest professionals who seek to create lasting relief from pest invaders through customized programs. In addition to the results that we deliver, you can also expect reliable customer support when you need it most. 

In order to address your pest concerns, we’ll always begin with a detailed property analysis. This will aid us in identifying what active pest problems you have, how they developed, and the entry points that they’re using to access your building. Then, we use these findings to tailor a treatment plan. We optimize interior and exterior services so that we can address pests from all angles. By implementing an ongoing schedule, we can stay ahead of pest problems, too. For more information on our commercial pest control solutions in Horsham, call us today. 

How You Can Minimize Your Risk For Flea Bites In Horsham

Flea bites can be harmful to your well-being as well as the health of your pets when you live in Horsham. In order to minimize your risk of these encounters, try the following tips:

  • Deter wildlife: Wildlife animals are some of the most common hosts for fleas and they can spread them around your property very easily. In order to keep them away, try storing trash securely, use motion sensor sprinklers, and install decoy animals. 

  • Be mindful when outdoors: When spending time in areas of tall grass, always wear long pants and shirts and check your personal effects for fleas before returning home. 

  • Treat your pets: If you have cats and dogs, consider working with a vet for year-round flea control. Pets are common hosts for fleas as well and this will both limit the spread and protect them from flea bites as well.

  • Receive treatments: The most effective way to limit the fleas around your property is with ongoing treatments from a pest control professional. 

For more information on flea control in Horsham, call Terra today. 

Voles: Common Yard Pests For Horsham Homeowners

Though Horsham homeowners may never see the voles that have invaded their property, they are a common pest problem nonetheless. These small rodents are constantly on the search for food to eat, which may consist of nuts, plants, grasses, bark, and many other items. Voles are also often in search of moisture sources, which can make them very challenging to avoid. If a property has just the right conditions, a vole problem may be on the horizon. Once they’ve found an ideal location, voles are known to burrow inside lawns. They devise tunnels, which can cause damage to properties and make them very difficult to locate and evict. 

Whether voles have already become an issue or you’re worried about them causing damage in the future, Terra Pest Management Specialists can help. Our vole control services in Horsham combine detailed yard inspections, bait station installation and monitoring, and removal. We are tenacious in our quest to completely eliminate all vole problems, so we back our services 100%. For more information on getting rid of pesky voles, call us today.

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