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Guaranteed Pest Control In Coatesville, PA

Coatesville is a suburban-style city that is continuously voted one of the best places to live in the entire state. Due to its close proximity to Philadelphia, many people who live in Coatesville commute to work. But this main line community offers far more than its location; there are excellent public schools, plenty of local businesses, friendly neighborhoods, and spaces that are open to everyone. And yet, even storybook places have their share of pest problems to deal with.

At Terra Pest Management Specialists, we provide guaranteed pest control in Coatesville because we know how tenacious local pests can be. Our company has been caring for our neighbors since 2001. We are a fully licensed and insured company so that our customers can have complete peace of mind. And because we opt for environmentally friendly treatment options, we do our best to protect everyone we service. For more information on our pest control offerings, please call us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Coatesville

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Keeping pests out of your home is important, but can be challenging for a variety of reasons. At Terra Pest Management Specialists, we provide the honest and straightforward pest control in Coatesville that you deserve. We are a local team with more than 20 years of service. All of the methods and products that we use are environmentally friendly as well.

The services that you’ll benefit from are all informed by Integrated Pest Management methods. This means that we inspect every corner of your property and then build out a treatment plan that is unique to our findings. At your initial visit, we’ll lay granular bait, de-web, dust cracks and crevices, apply a spray barrier, and many other services. We also suggest either monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly follow-ups as well. When you entrust the safety of your home to us, you can relax knowing that we always provide emergency servicing and that all of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information on residential pest control in Coatesville, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Coatesville

At Terra Pest Management Specialists, no one will do more to care for your property than us. We have been providing pest control in Coatesville for more than 20 years and we are a fully licensed and insured company. Each of the technicians that you’ll work with is exceptionally trained to perform only the best work. But most importantly, we value our customers and we want you to know it. Everything that we do during the process is in our quest to leave you safe and feeling satisfied.

Our general pest control is informed by the methods of Integrated Pest Management. We perform extensive walk-throughs to better understand the level of pest activity you face. This information helps inform the treatment plan that we will then put into place. When we apply products to your property, they’re all environmentally friendly. And in order to keep future infestations at bay, we recommend routine service visits. For more information on our Coatesville commercial pest control services, please call us today.

What You Should Know About Voles On Your Coatesville Property

Voles resemble oversized, chunky mice, and you might see them around your Coatesville property. They are primarily attracted to lush vegetation, so gardens are ideal for them. You may also see an influx of voles because of access to moist areas, especially if your home is within close distance of the West Branch Brandywine Creek.

The biggest issue that voles are associated with is the damage that they can do to your yard. They nibble away at the roots of plants and young trees, which can destroy them or make them vulnerable to other issues. Voles can kill certain vegetables in your garden as well as ornamental plants and cause serious issues for turf. Because voles do the majority of their work from beneath the ground’s surface, you may also never actually spot the culprits at hand. This is precisely why the most effective way to address these pests is with professional vole control in Coatesville. For more information on vole control, call Terra Pest Management Specialists today.

How To Keep Stinging Insects Away From Your Coatesville Property

Stinging insects like wasps, hornets, and bees can put a damper on your summer, but if you try these quick tips, you can try to decrease your exposure to them:

  • Party with caution. When you’re hosting outdoor gatherings, be sure to never leave food uncovered and always clean up juice or soda spills quickly and thoroughly. 
  • Try decorations. Stinging insects are usually very territorial, so if you decorate your yard with brown paper bags or paper lanterns, they may mistake them for other nests and flee. 
  • Consider how you plant. Stinging insects are usually lured by sweet flowers or fruit trees, so try to limit their presence on your property. You can also opt for plants like wormwood, geraniums, and marigolds. 
  • Ask for help. Dealing with these pests can be dangerous, so professional stinging insect control from a pest expert is an absolute must. 

For more information on stinging insect control in Coatesville, call Terra Pest Management Specialists today. 

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