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Pest Control In Ardmore, PA

A suburb of Philadelphia, Ardmore is a tight-knit community in Montgomery County. The quaint downtown provides various shopping and dining options, making it a nice place to live and work near one of the country’s largest cities.

While Ardmore can be a quiet place to live, pests can ruin your enjoyment of this community. They’ll invade homes and businesses to find food, water, or shelter, causing damage and spreading illnesses. These pests can hide in hard-to-reach spaces, requiring Ardmore pest control professionals to remove them.

Terra Pest Management Specialists provide expert pest services for Ardmore residents. Our pest specialists have the tools and experience to eliminate infestations in your home or business.

Residential Pest Control In Ardmore

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Ardmore provides all the tools for relaxation, but pests can negatively impact your lifestyle. These creatures can cause damage to your yard and home while spreading potentially dangerous pathogens. Fortunately, local pest control professionals can protect you from these problems.

At Terra Pest Management Specialists, our home pest control process starts with a free inspection and estimate. After we inspect your home, we’ll remove any spider webs or wasps nests on your property. We’ll also dust cracks and crevices to find conducive spots that might attract pests.

The most important part of our service is applying a barrier around the exterior walls of your home. We’ll spray around windows, doors, and overhangs to protect from potential issues. We also use granulate bait to draw out hiding pests and tailor our interior services to meet your needs.

Our pest specialists know the creatures that commonly invade Ardmore homes and can solve your pest problem. Call us today to learn more about our residential pest control services in Ardmore.

Commercial Pest Control In Ardmore

Pests are common dangers to businesses, squeezing through tiny crevices to enter buildings or entering through open doors. When these animals invade your facility, they can cause damage to equipment, contaminate products, and spread illnesses to your employees and customers. For these reasons, a professional pest control plan is essential for the success of your business.

At Terra Pest Management Specialists, we'll thoroughly inspect your property to find any pest issues. In addition to dealing with current infestations, we can take steps to prevent future problems. Every pest situation is unique, so we’ll develop a customized commercial pest control plan.

Since effective pest control is continuous, we offer monthly and bimonthly recurring service plans to protect your facility. Contact us today to discover how we can keep pests out of your business with our effective commercial pest control services in Ardmore.

What Is Attracting Fleas To My Ardmore House?

Fleas are a common problem for Ardmore households. Most people know they attach to dogs and cats, using them as hosts. However, these pests can also feed on people when pets aren’t around.

These insects usually get carried into yards on wild animals, hiding in tall grasses and jumping on pets while they’re outside. They’ll feed on your pets or family when they invade your house, potentially spreading illnesses to people and causing anemia and tapeworms in pets.

While most homeowners know fleas are troublesome, many don’t know what attracts them. Fleas feed off warm hosts, so anything that indicates people or pets are nearby will attract them.

Some common factors that attract fleas to Ardmore houses include:

  • Movement
  • Light
  • Warmth
  • Carbon dioxide

Fleas typically ride on pets to get into homes, so regularly bathing your pets and providing flea medication will protect your family. Additionally, maintaining your lawn will reduce places where they can hide, and keeping wild animals away will limit their access.

When fleas get onto your property, Terra Pest Management Specialists can help. Our pest specialists use a backpack misting system to get rid of fleas when they're most active. Give us a call if you see fleas on your property for effective flea control services in Ardmore.

The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Ardmore Yards

Mosquitoes in Ardmore are a common nuisance around yards. These pests typically arrive around dawn and dusk, feeding on people. Most mosquitoes are relatively harmless, but some can spread potentially dangerous illnesses. For this reason, you should avoid any mosquitoes on your property.

The best way to protect your family from mosquitoes is to deter them from invading your yard. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep mosquitoes away.

Some tips to prevent mosquitoes from getting onto your Ardmore property include:

  • Eliminate standing water.
  • Remove excess vegetation.
  • Avoid going outside around dawn and dusk.
  • Cover your arms, legs, and feet while outside.

When these tips don’t stop mosquitoes from invading your property, you’ll need professional help from Terra Pest Management Specialists. Our pest specialists will inspect your yard to find breeding areas and use a backpack misting system to reduce the mosquitoes on your property. Call us to learn how you can benefit from our mosquito control services in Ardmore.

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