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Almost anything worthwhile involves struggle. Do you remember purchasing your first car? Perhaps you saw the automobile of your dreams, but you didn't have the money. What did you do? You saved and worked long hours to purchase a car you could call your own. Do you remember the day you paid for the auto? Do you remember how you felt when you drove it off the lot? The joy you felt made all the work it took to get the car worth it. 

We will do what it takes to obtain something of value. Although it may require much sacrifice to purchase an engagement ring for the girl you want to marry or get the degree you desire, that may open doors to the future; if it is valuable to you, it is worth it. Value is not measured only in rings, cars, or academic degrees but also in peace of mind, and one pest that can cause stress and anxiety and disrupt your life is cockroaches. 

When you see cockroaches running for cover when you flip on the lights, contact the Collegeville pest control team from Terra Pest Management Specialists to get back your peace of mind. Our woman-owned and operated company has removed cockroaches and other pests from homes for two decades. We desire to serve our community through education. In this brief article, we answer commonly asked questions and provide helpful tips to get rid of cockroaches, so please keep reading.

What Type Of Cockroaches Are Found In Collegeville?

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There are thousands of cockroach species worldwide. Fortunately, only the following three types of cockroaches are problematic in Collegeville homes:

  • German cockroaches
  • American cockroaches
  • Oriental cockroaches

If you see cockroaches running underneath the refrigerator or darting under bath towels, there is a high probability that they are German cockroaches. Unlike the other two species, German cockroaches live inside homes because they cannot survive long outdoors. These tan to light brown insects have six segmented, spine-covered legs, two body-length antennae, compound eyes, and two long, parallel strips on the area behind their head (pronotum). 

We like to do things big in America; we build enormous buildings and serve outlandish food portions at restaurants. So, it is not a surprise that the cockroach with the longest body is called an American cockroach. This filthy insect has a reddish-brown body ranging from 1 1/4 to over 2 inches long! In addition to its size, another identifying feature is the figure-eight pattern on its pronotum. 

You may be confused as to whether you have German or American cockroaches if you catch only a glimpse of it as it dashes underneath the couch running for cover; however, if it is an oriental cockroach, you will know immediately. American and German cockroaches have body colors in the brown range, but oriental cockroaches are black. Also known as "waterbugs," size-wise, these roaches are between the German and American cockroaches (about one inch). 

Whatever the cockroach species in your Collegeville home, you need roach pest control from Terra Pest Management Specialists to remove it. Our licensed pest specialists can quickly determine the cockroach type infesting your house. Once the species is identified in your home, our experienced pest specialists will develop a treatment plan targeting the problematic pest so you can enjoy peace of mind. 

Why Cockroaches Become A Problem For Collegeville Homeowners

One reason pest control for roaches from Terra is worth it is that they are dangerous to those in the house. Cockroaches enjoy foraging in sewers, drains, garbage, compost, animal feces, and other unsanitary places. Bacteria, viruses, and parasitic worms on the surfaces in those locations attach to the spines on their legs.

When the insects move through a Collegeville house, the disease-causing pathogens fall onto countertops, cooking areas, drawers, and other surfaces in the home. When a person eats food in contact with those areas or uses towels infected with the pathogens, they can spread salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, gastroenteritis, dysentery, listeriosis, giardia, and E. coli infection to the individual.

When cockroaches consume organic matter in rotting garbage or sewage, they ingest the pathogens that cause the diseases listed above. As the bugs move throughout a Collegeville house, they produce pepper-like or rod-shaped droppings contaminating utensils, food products, exposed fruits, and surfaces. When an unsuspecting household member consumes cockroach fecal matter, they can contract one of many diseases. 

Defecation from cockroaches can also cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks. As the fecal matter dries, particles can become airborne and trigger a runny nose, coughing, a tight chest, shortness of breath, and other reactions. Another allergic or asthma stimulus comes from a specific protein produced by cockroaches. Some people develop rashes if the disgusting bugs crawl over them, or they use towels traveled over by the roaches. 

Terra Pest Management Specialists provides cockroach pest control in Collegeville because we want to protect our community members from harmful diseases cockroaches spread. Knowing our Collegeville community can sleep at night and freely breathe the air in their homes because we have done our jobs correctly is worth the effort.

Why Professional Treatment For A Cockroach Problem Is Always Worth It

A sacrifice that ends with peace of mind is worth it. You may have to forgo some activities that bring personal enjoyment for the sake of your grandchildren or children, but seeing the smile on their faces makes it worth it. You may have had to scrimp for years to purchase a house, but when you finally make the purchase, you realize it is worth the struggle

A professional cockroach remedy is always worth it for these reasons:

  • Cockroaches spread disease
  • Cockroaches trigger allergic reactions
  • Cockroaches reproduce rapidly
  • Cockroaches cause anxiety
  • Cockroaches create embarrassment 

We've already discussed how cockroaches spread disease and trigger allergic reactions, so let's talk about other reasons you need expert help. Female cockroaches produce egg capsules; inside each capsule (ootheca) are several eggs. German cockroaches are the most common cockroach in homes because each capsule contains more eggs than any other species. A typical German cockroach ootheca has 30 to 40 eggs, whereas the American and oriental cockroaches have around 16 eggs per capsule. A German cockroach produces three to six generations annually. If you find a cockroach in your house, you should quickly contact Terra Pest Management Specialists because you can go from a few cockroaches to thousands within a short period. 

Another reason pest control for roaches from Terra is necessary is that the filthy insects cause anxiety. No one wants to go to bed wondering if a cockroach will crawl over them while they sleep. You don't need the stress of stumbling into the bathroom in the middle of the night only to be greeted by cockroaches running down the shower drain when you flip on the light.

Cockroaches can not only cause stress, but they are embarrassing to have in your home. The last thing you need is to have a cockroach run from underneath the couch across the living room floor while you are enjoying a conversation with guests in your home. Even though you may not experience the horror of a cockroach making an appearance at the most inopportune time, they can embarrass you in another way. 

Cockroaches, like other insects, communicate with each by spreading pheromones. Male cockroaches produce a chemical compound known as seducin as an aphrodisiac to attract females. When there is a localized infestation of cockroaches in a house, the presence of the pheromones creates a musty odor.

You can slow the spread of cockroaches in your Collegeville home by eliminating food and water sources. Sweep the house regularly, do not leave dirty dishes overnight in the sink, remove pet food from bowls at the end of the day, and keep garbage containers closed. While these steps will help, cockroach control from Terra Pest Management Specialists is the only way to stop cockroaches from causing embarrassment, creating anxiety, and stinking up the house. When pest specialists treat your home, they kill existing cockroaches and destroy the eggs to prevent the next generation from living in your walls, inside cabinets, behind appliances, and in the crawl space. 

How Terra Pest Management Specialists Treat Cockroaches In Collegeville

When you call Terra Pest Management Specialists to get rid of cockroaches in your Collegeville home, a local person will greet you. We are not a national chain where all calls route into a call center. Our friendly, trained customer service team will give you a free estimate that includes an inspection. 

A pest specialist will examine the interior and exterior of your Collegeville home to determine attractants, entry points, egg locations, and hot spots. Once the inspection is complete, we will develop a custom strategy targeting the cockroach species for maximum results. You can rest easy knowing that we use pet, family, and environmentally friendly bait and treatment products to remove cockroaches from your house. As a local, family-owned company, we serve our community by providing a 100% service guarantee. Contact us today to learn more and get your free estimate!

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