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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants On Your Collegeville Property

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a carpenter ant crawling in a home

The insect world is critical to maintaining a balanced ecosystem. However, if you discover carpenter ants in your house in Collegeville, you need to fix this problem before it becomes an infestation.

Without a proper exclusion treatment, carpenter ants can gradually destroy your home and property. Learn more about these pests and how Collegeville pest control can safely and effectively remove and prevent carpenter ants.

How To Identify A Black Carpenter Ant

Many fascinating ants call Collegeville home. However, the black carpenter ant is a curious insect worth learning more about if you worry about pests. So, do you want to know how to identify black carpenter ants in your home?

Look for the following details to identify these insects:

  • They have six legs, an oval-shaped segmented body, and antennae.
  • Black carpenter ants are black rather than red or a combination of colors.
  • These ants are about 5/8 of an inch in length.
  • The males have wings.
  • When carpenter ants are in your home, you may spy holes in your walls and see piles of expelled debris.

After you have identified a problem with Collegeville ants in your home or surrounding property, it’s time to call the pros for backup. Get Terra Pest Management Specialists to visit your home and apply a long-lasting carpenter ant treatment.

A Carpenter Ant Infestation In Your Home Can Cause Many Problems

Hidden out of sight, carpenter ants and their colonies can cause a host of problems in your home. It’s essential to have your home inspected for carpenter ants to catch pest problems early on and stop an infestation in its tracks.

If you fail to schedule professional pest control treatments for carpenter ants, these pests can do a lot of damage. Carpenter ants build nests with plenty of moisture to thrive. They will damage wooden structures as they excavate the wood to create intricate tunnels.

When carpenter ants damage your home, it looks similar to termite or water damage. As these insect pests work through your wood, they cause warping and threaten the structural soundness of homes. Wood may sound hollow, or you might hear a rustling sound from behind walls.

Terra Pest Management Specialists can send a technician to inspect your home on an annual or semi-annual basis to check for carpenter ants and treat any issues that are found.

Factors That Attract Carpenter Ants To Your Home

Insects like the carpenter ant are complex, resilient, and organized. These pests will feel more inclined to invade and infest your home under certain conditions.

Do you wonder what attracts carpenter ants to your home in the first place? These pesky insects will visit your home for the following reasons:

  • There are plenty of sources of moisture on your property, from wet window sills to condensation or plumbing leaks.
  • Carpenter ants have a good sense of smell and are attracted to food. So if you have accessible leftovers or uncovered trash cans, carpenter ants are more likely to invade. 
  • If you keep piles of firewood, carpenter ants may soon come calling. When carpenter ants nest near your home they are far more likely to make their way inside. 

Protect the structural integrity of your home and priceless possessions that you hold dear. When carpenter ants are making trouble on your property, contact Terra Pest Management Specialists to get rid of ants in your Collegeville home.

How To Completely Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants In Your Home

Are you curious about how to deal with carpenter ants on your property? Successfully excluding carpenter ants from your property is challenging and often requires professional-grade products and treatments.

Terra Pest Management Specialists has been in the pest control business since 2003. We use eco-friendly, effective pest exclusion solutions for your home and surrounding property to get rid of carpenter ants and prevent their return.

If you want to completely eliminate pesky carpenter ants in Collegeville, Terra Pest Management Specialists has the best carpenter ant control in the area. Contact the best pest control company for ants to schedule an inspection and learn about our residential and commercial pest control services in Collegeville.